Cedar Green Little Raven

DOB: February 21 2013.  Raven is a smaller-statured yet elegant dairy doe with a beautiful smooth coat and a few white markings.  She is so sweet and a natural milker. She is one of our favourite to milk with a soft udder that delfates like a balloon and decent size teats. She also produces a suprising amount of milk for her little size. She kidded with twins in 2015, guadruplets in 2016, and a singleton doeling in 2017 and 2018. She is 19" tall.  She excelled in her rump, dairy strength and mammary system in her classification. 


Dam: Thistle Creek Ebony Angel

Sire: Linwood CL Blue Eclipse

Dam's Sire: Camanna CH Paint the Clouds

Dam's Dam: Cedar Glen Scarlett

Sire's Sire: Camanna PC Linwood

Sire's Dam: Linwood Herc BE Wendy


Little Raven's Extended Pedigree:



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