Livestock Prices



Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

Registered Doelings: $550-$750

Registered Bucklings: $550-$750

Wethers: $200-$350


*Total cost includes registration, disbudding, 1st de-worming,

1st vaccination, neutering (if wether) and tattoo (if registered).

*We do annual disease testing (negative -results available), feed top quality food and

minerals, and have classification done on site, which all is included in the cost of

our goats.

*Price varies depending on classification score, dairy potential, sire/dam's pedigree. 

Some of our bucks were imported from U.S: or shipped from back East, this costs more.

Price will sometimes also reflect rare/more desirable colouring/eye colour.  



Olde English Babydoll Southdowns


Registered Coloured Ewe Lambs - $1000 each

Registered White Ewe Lambs - $800 each

Registered Coloured Ram Lambs - $800 each

Registered White Ram Lambs - $600

Neutered White or Coloured Ram Lambs (Wethers): $400

*Spotted Ewe or Ram Lambs - $1200* VERY RARE

*ALL of our lambs will have the potential to carry the spotted gene, as both of

  our rams are spotted gene carriers

*These are based on the standard prices for babydolls in Canada. 

-Includes tail docking, de-worming, 1st vaccination, and ear tag.

*Includes registration with either OEBSR or NABBSAR (we do OEBSR by default, you 

must specify if you want NABBSAR)  

*Transfer is NOT included as new owner must join the registry and then transfer. 

Kune Kune Pigs

Registered gilt - $1000-$1200 each

Registered boar - $1000 each

Registered breeding pair - $1800

Pet Gilt - $750-$900 (no breed contract)

Pet Boar -  $500-$750 (neutered)


*These are based on the standard prices for Kune kunes in Canada

*Range is based on desirable colouring, rarity of lineage, and conformation, double wattles.

 -includes registration or spay and neutering, de-worming, 1st vaccination, and ear tag.

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