Our Animals

We have chosen to breed smaller, hardy livestock with a purpose. They are perfect for farming families that want to be self-sustainable on small acreages. What makes these animals unique and appealing is that compared to similar, full size commercial breeds, they are:

  • more friendly and sociable

  • easier to handle/work with

  • better for young kids

  • non-aggressive 

  • easier on fences 

  • require less feed

  • need less grazing pasture

  • cuter!

  • and more colourful :) 

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nigerian dwar goats

Our goals for our own animals:

Our first priority is to have a self-sustaining farmstead, where what we raise pays for itself. We are trying to make a full time living farming, so we also are pursuing other income streams besides the main crop of blueberries.   Thats where the animals come in and as an added bonus, contribute to our agri-tourism program as well. 

One of our goals is to be as self-sufficient as possible by growing most of the food we eat. We so far grow almost all of our own produce, and raise or hunt or fish almost all of our own meat. There is nothing more satisfying (not to mention healthy and delicious) than eating a meal entirely raised/grown by yourself.

Here is a breakdown of what each animal provides on the farm:

  • The goats provide milk, and brush clearing (and could be meat too)

  • The sheep provide wool, grass cutting services, and meat

  • The pigs provide clean-up of excess and waste fruits and vegetables and convert it to meat

  • The chickens provide fresh eggs and meat

  • The turkeys provide us with fresh eggs and meat

  • The guinea fowl provide mite, tick, and other pest control as well as alert us to predators, and eggs and meat. 

  • The peacocks provide sheer beauty to look at as well as we make some income off of the eggs and chicks

  • All of the animals provide additives to the compost! 

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