Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Why Nigerian Dwarves?


Out of all the farm animals, these little goats are our favourite. We chose them because of their beautiful varied colours, small stature, and delicious milk.  We have two young kids and never have to worry when they are out playing with the goats, even the males.  They are fun to be around and social by nature. They also have many benefits to the small farmer or homesteader. Three ND's can be kept in the space needed by one standard-size goat, so with staggered breeding you can have a year-round milk supply.


Here at Yellow Point Farms we are striving for good conformation, dairy character, and well supported, productive mammary systems. We milk our does and can provide you with detailed information about their udders and milk production. We have imported bucks from the states with some of the top milking lines.

Nigerians can produce well over a litres of milk a day. The milk has the highest levels of butterfat among dairy breeds of goats, making it creamy and sweet tasting,.  Nigerian Dwarf milk has approximately 6 – 10% butterfat, as opposed to approximately 2 – 6% for other breeds.  Since butterfat is what gives milk its sweet flavor, it’s the sweetest, richest milk of all the dairy breeds. 

Another very appealing feature is that Nigerian Dwarves come in many colours and can have different shades of brown or blue eyes. We love having a mix of colors, it makes kidding so exciting because you never what the offspring will look like! Click on the link below to be directed to a page explaining the many colours and patterns. 


We are registered by the CLRC in the Canadian Goat Society under the herd name Yellow Point.  You can also find a list of breeders on their site.  Click on the Canadian Goat society button to open a new window.

Our herd is CAE and Johne's tested (negative) annually.  Free of CL abscesses.  Last testing was done May 2019. 


We are located in Central Vancouver Island, near the Nanaimo Ferry. You can pick up kids directly from us, or we can arrange to deliver to the Lower Mainland.  We do air ship using Westjet or Air Canada out of Comox or Victoria and we can assist you with the details for delivery and shipping to destinations across Canada. You can also use livestock transport.

Please click on one of the buttons/ links on this page for more info on our goats.


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