Honey Bees


Our latest venture has been into honey bees.  We got our first hive this past spring 2014, and had a successful (and delicious!) harvest of our very own honey. It was a very rewarding experience and we will hopefully be splitting our hive into two hives for next year.  


There are many benefits to local, unpasteurized honey. It tastes great, it is a healthier alternative to white table sugar, and very imporant to us is the anti-allergy properties it has.  We make sure to eat at least a teaspoon a day and our seasonal allergies to outdoor reactants have been greatly reduced.  


Honey also has medicinal and healing properties and is great for common colds, burns, skin irritations, etc.  


These little miracle-workers are endangered and we are happy to be hosting them to promote the honey bee and all the good they do for the environment!  And of course we benefit from them pollinating all of our fruit trees and flowers.

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