Goat Yoga

Photo by Jazziefoto Photography
Photo by Maggie Ray Photography
Photo by Jazziefoto Photography
Photo by Maggie Ray Photography

Baby Goat Yoga is over for the season

New sessions will be released next spring 2020! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates. 

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Have you herd?

We are now offering goat yoga sessions at our farm in the sunny Yellow Point/Cedar area on the border of Ladysmith and Nanaimo.  Our highly social goats love the attention and it is a great way to lose the distractions and stress of everyday life by heading to the country and getting to be completely in the moment with only your body, nature, and goats, of course! 


What is Goat Yoga?

Well it’s yoga- on a farm, in our beautiful old barn- while being surrounded by our miniature Nigerian Dwarf goats!

The founders of goat yoga, (based in Oregon) describe it as:

“Goat Yoga is Animal-Assisted Therapy in a natural setting with an unexpectedly ... smart, social, and profoundly cuddly animal. It’s not a cancer cure, but it IS an unbelievable distraction from politics, work, stress, sickness or depression.” 



How much does it cost?  The price is $30 per session + 5% GST ($31.50 total). Once you register you can pay using paypal, or etransfer to info@yellowpointfarms.com.  We do take credit card, just call or email us with your number, and there is a 2.5% surcharge for it.  (Credit card total = $32.30) 

How long is the session? It is one hour of yoga, plus 30 minutes allotted time afterwards for extra baby goat cuddles, pictures, poses with goats, etc. 

I have never done yoga before, can I still participate? Yes! This will be an all levels class with modifications. It is actually a great beginners class because it is not so structured and everyone is having fun :)


Can I bring my child?  It depends. The age limit is 13 and over for most classes However, we do have one instructor who is trained in child yoga. If your child is able to stay focused for the hour class and ideally is familiar with yoga, then please message us and we will let you know which classes are best to sign up for.


Can I bring my grandma/grandpa? Yes! Just make sure to let the instructor know of any injuries or modifications needed. We have had elderly participants sit on a chair if needed. 


Can I not participate but just watch (or my spouse watch)? No, please understand this is a yoga class, not a spectator sport. 

Do the goats bite?  They do like to nibble sometimes as a way of sensing.  Goats don't have teeth on their top gums so it shouldn't hurt.  

Will my stuff get chewed on?  It could! Please leave any belongings you are not using outside of the goat area/in your car.  It is a good idea to tie up long hair and remove jewelry/earrings. 


Will I get pooped or peed on? Valid question! A few times people have had some goat poop land on their mat but we have doggie bags and the helpers quickly pick it up. It is dry hard pellets so not too messy.  We recommend bringing a towel to put over your mat for easy clean-up. 

Do you offer private goat yoga classes? Yes!  Email us with your group size and preferred date and time, and we can schedule the private session for you with our instructor. 

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