For Sale

  • Free Range (eating) Eggs: $5 per dozen- contact us to pick up

  • Mixed "Rainbow" Fertilized Hatching Eggs: $25 per dozen (chicks will be Black Copper Marans, Americaunas, Olive eggers, and/or Easter Eggers - season dependent 

  • Fertilized Heritage Turkey Hatching Eggs: $50 per dozen (purebred sweetgrass and/or Lilac) -season dependent

  • All natural blueberries - $5/lb, or ask for bulk prices. 

  • Organic Garlic - $16 /lb "Music" variety. Available now!! For Seed and Eating 

  • Registered Babydoll lambs: Contact us to be put on a cancellation list for spring 2020 

  • Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Reserve your spring 2020 kids now, fill out the reservation questionnaire!

  • Registered Kune Kune Pigs: Litter of 7- Gilt piglets still available! DOB Aug 31, 2019


**Please note, our waitlists fill up fast so get on it as soon as you know you want them, especially for females. We start over with a new waitlist every year, we don't carry it over.


This will alway be changing, so keep checking back to see what's new for sale.


Thank you so much for your support!

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