Blackbird Creek Cambrie

Brie is a unique cream/gold coloured doe that almost looks white .  She has blue eyes, wattles, and a long level topline.  Her dairy character really stands out with her sharp withers and long body.   Born May 2015.  She had a singleton doeling as a FF in 2017, quads in 2018 and a very surprising quintuplets in 2019! All were a healthy, decent size. 


Dam: Blackbird Creek Farm Benue

Sire: Cowgirl's Blue Brer Goat 

Dam's Sire: Thistle Creek Amber Moon

Dam's Dam: Mostly Mini's FX Anambra

Sire's Dam: Outlaw's Blue Princess Tiana

Sire's Sire: Outlaw's Wild Blue Bill Hickock

Brie's Extended Lineage

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