Rebecca, Justin, Avalyn (5) and Jameson (3)

Who We Are

Hi! We are two former city kids raised in the suburbs of Vancouver (Surrey and Langley).  We decided we really wanted a lifestyle change, out of the busy traffic-filled Vancouver and high land prices, and so we took the risk, sold our house, sold the business, and literally bought the farm!  In February 2018 we moved to a small farming community called 'Yellow Point' in between Ladysmith and Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.  It is an established blueberry farm, and we sell our all natural, no spray blueberries, and garlic and other in-season fruits during the summer at the Duncan, Cedar, and Qualicum Farmer's Markets.  We sell frozen blueberries from the farm throughout the winter. 

Our Mission

We have a mission of creating a well-balanced ecosystem and rich soils that produce nutrient-dense foods while treating the environment and the animals with respect.  

Currently we grow blueberries, garlic, other seasonal produce, plus we have miniature goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry. We offer Farm Tours, Goat Yoga, and Goat Walks (seasonally). As well as run an air b-n-b on the property.

Our Animals

We chose the animals we have based on their ability to contribute to the homestead, even with small acreages. We breed registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats with a dairy focus, registered Olde English Babydoll sheep, registered kune kune pigs with a meat focus, and have around 40 heritage laying hens. We also have heritage turkeys, peacocks, and guinea fowl.


Our Goal

Our first priority is to have a self-sustaining farmstead, where what we raise pays for itself. It is a bonus when we make money, and so far any profit goes back into the farm. One of our goals is to be as self-sufficient as possible by growing most of the food we eat. We so far grow almost all of our own produce and most of our meat. There is nothing more satisfying (not to mention healthy and delicious) than eating a meal entirely raised/grown by yourself.

Here is a breakdown of what each animal provides on the farm:

-The goats provide milk and brush clearing (and could be meat too)

-The sheep provide wool, grass cutting services, and meat

-The pigs provide clean-up of excess fruits and vegetables and convert it to meat

-The chickens provide fresh eggs and meat

-The turkeys provide us with fresh eggs and meat

-The guinea fowl provide mite, tick, and other pest control as well as alert us to predators, and eggs and meat. 

-The peacocks provide us with sheer beauty to look at, as well as some income from selling their eggs or chicks. 


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Formerly Known as 

Little Bit Country Farm